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How would you rank yourself? An 8 on a good day? A 9 with the right filter? A strong 4? Does the way a person looks or any other signifier (like say income, race, intelligence), does that immediately disqualify them as a potential partner?

Regardless of the hierarchy you endorse/acknowledge/subscribe to , there's an up...and a down. Our show today is about dating down! Our round table discussed whether there's an issue with a phrase in the first place, dating based on someones potential, the difference between the way women and men date down, annnnd deal breakers

I was joined by Kalena Boller (host of the Reel Snobs podcast), a couple of our regulars, Chantia and Ola, and later on was joined by Dr. Synatra to give her take on some of the things discussed by the panel.

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